How It Works

Ice cream at 1-900 is produced in weekly cycles.  It typically looks like this:

  • On Monday we come up with three to six new flavors for the week.
  • Monday through Friday we make the ice cream in our factory in Kensington.
  • On Friday night we send out an email through the Flavor Drop Email list notifying customers of the drop. This email contains all the information needed to purchase the ice cream. You will place your order Friday night and pick-up is the following day (Saturday) at our retail location, located at 1405 Frankford Ave.  Ice cream pre-ordered on Friday can only be picked up on the date listed in the Flavor Drop email.
  • On Sunday night we do a drop for nationwide shipping.  Orders purchased on Sunday night will be shipped the following day (Monday)


Please review our Store Policies prior to purchasing.