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First of all, it's 1-900-ICE-CREAM like the telephone number, not 1900 like the year.

We are a direct-to-consumer ice cream company, located in Philadelphia.  All of our ice cream is made weekly from scratch in our Kensington factory.  We do not have any physical locations of our own; rather, we partner with local business to have them install one of our self-serve chest freezers. We also ship our ice cream nationwide.

All of our dairy comes from a local grass-fed farm in PA, and the majority of our mix-ins are made from scratch by a local bakery.


Due to the current situation, we have modified our mode of distribution.  

There are two ways to get our ice cream:

1.  Depending on the week, we will make a select amount of ice cream available to be shipped.  Currently, only states that are in the UPS Zone 2 are eligible.

2. We are taking pre-orders for four packs, and meeting you at our van for pickup, which will be posted up in select areas of the city.

We take orders for limited periods of time every week, which we call "drops".  We post these drops to Instagram and through our email list.  Once we drop the flavors, customers will head to this site to place their orders.



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