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Ice Cream Pints

Scratch made mix-ins, grass-fed dairy, secret ingredients, magic, love. New flavors dropping weekly. All the gnarstalgia.

1:30 Drop (SOLD OUT)

Freeze Queens

Ice cream, meet pie. Pie, meet ice cream. A match made in dessert heaven. Keep your eyes on the pies.

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How 1-900 works


 Most of the time...

Every Sunday, we announce the drop of 4 new flavors on our Instagram story and directly to all of our e-mail subscribers.

That's when the clock starts...

Every drop has a limited quantity and sells out in a flash.

If you're one of the lucky ones who secures the ice cream bag, we'll email you the pick-up time and location. For those from far away lands, we offer a limited amount of shipments, so look for that at checkout.

No-shows forfeit their pints without refund and get put straight on Santa's naughty list.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


Ps. Watch along on our story as we document the creation of that week's flavors, perform our daily welfare check, answer a question of the day, and more. 

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