How It Works

Ice cream at 1-900 is produced in weekly cycles.  It typically looks like this:

  • On Monday we come up with three to six new flavors for the week.
  • Monday through Thursday we make the ice cream in our factory in Kensington.
  • On Thursday evening or Friday morning we move the ice cream to our retail location and prepare it for sale.
  • Meanwhile, after we have a final count on inventory, we send out an email through the Flavor Drop Email list notifying customers of the drop. This email contains all the information needed to purchase the ice cream.

We have a few different styles of drops depending on the week and availability of ice cream.

  • Pre-order pick up: Customers pre-order their ice cream on the website and pick up at our retail location at the specified date and time.  We typically use this style to sell the majority of the ice cream produced during that week.
  • Walk-ups: In some cases, if we have surplus inventory or are doing a flash sale, we will allow customers to walk-up to our retail location without needing to pre-order.
  • National Shipping: Shipping ice cream to customers across the country is still in development.  While we do offer national shipping for some drops, it is currently not consistently available.  We are working to implement national shipping as a regular part of our weekly drops.
  • Local Delivery: Surplus ice cream not sold during the pre-order pickup will be made available for local delivery Friday-Sunday, depending on supply.  When local delivery is turned on, our ice cream can be found on UberEats and through our Square Site.  Delivery radius is controlled by our delivery partners, UberEats and DoorDash.