How It Works

Hey there!

1-900-ICE-CREAM is in its infancy stages, so bear with us, as it doesn't work like a traditional retail shop.  Soon, this will look and act more like what you're used to.

Here's how it works:

  • On Saturday, the flavors are posted to our Instagram story and e-mailed to the flavor drop e-mail list (below).
  • You have until Sunday night to lock in your pre-order.
  • Upon check out, you will select your pick-up time, spaced in hour intervals.
  • You will be e-mailed the exact address for pick up located in Fairmount.
  • We take the week to make the ice cream.
  • Pint packing takes place on Wednesday, and this is when we'll know if there are any extra pints to be purchased.  Again, this information will be posted to Instagram and the e-mail list (below).
  • Pick-ups are on Thursday, Friday, or sometimes both days.
  • Then the process starts all over again.

Why are you always sold out?

  • This is likely due to the fact you missed out on the pre-order.  Check Instagram on Wednesday to see if we have any extra.

It's Saturday, during the pre-order, and pints are sold out?  What the heck?? 

  • At the moment, while we wait on the delivery of our new machine, we have a limited weekly production. Though it's a pre-order, each flavor is capped so we don't exceed our weekly production limit.  So, likely all the allotments for that flavor have been claimed.  Try placing your order as soon as you see it on IG or through the e-mail list (below).